Taking An Age 2.png
Taking An Age

Six friends discover what it is to grow up as they spend their final Summer together. On the verge of adulthood, some invite change freely into their lives, others resent the idea. 

"An exceptionally enjoyable watch." - Scatter of Opinion

Waterloo East Theatre (London)

A Norman's Tale

Local tales from Bramber and Beeding in West Sussex interweave among the ruins of Bramber Castle and through the stunning rooms of St Mary's house. Featuring invading Norman lords, dejected gravediggers, Crusader knights, kindly benefactors, tenacious students, WWII commanders and even Charles II...

Bramber Castle & St Mary's House, Bramber

The Calm 3.jpg
The Calm

In a military field hospital the line between war and terror is blurred on the eve of the final push. Relationships are built and discarded as the medical staff question what it is to love in war.

"A tense, haunting interrogation of the effects war can have on love, hope and identity." - Theatre Bubble

The Bute Theatre (Cardiff), Waterloo East Theatre (London), Venue 13 (Edinburgh), The London Theatre (London)

St George...?

A fun-packed, family-friendly short play following weary but quarrelsome storytellers as they bicker about which tale they should present to the King that evening. Should it be pirates and ghost ships? Perhaps Vikings and bears? Or should it be the immortal story of St George and the Dragon?

Crawley High Street

The Old Friend 2.png
The Old Friend

Within the confines of small-town monotony Sarah makes a choice to change her life for the better; a fateful choice that will inevitably lead old friend Lindy, boyfriend Jez and local barman Ant to make some of their own.

"I could not find a single thing to fault this show." - The Reviewer

Waterloo East Theatre (London)

The Snow Queen.jpg
The Snow Queen

When her friend is stolen by the cold hearted Snow Queen, Gerda must find the strength and courage to travel across the lands to save him. An array of characters along the way will guide and aid her journey but can Gerda bring the warmth of summer back to her friend?

"An imaginative and poignant adaptation! The mysterious Snow Queen was both beguiling and menacing… A lovely start to the festive season, highly recommended" - Sussex Local Magazine

National Tour | 2019

Jane Eyre

Jane has lived her life feeling an outcast but finds home as governess to a young girl in the care of Mr Rochester. But all is not as it seems as Jane discovers that many secrets are held by both the residents and walls of Thornfield Hall.

This novel, deemed ahead of its time, is reimagined for the stage with traditional folk music woven into this love story of excitement and intrigue.

“A lovely production with an enchanted feel… Certainly worth looking out for!” - Grapevine Live

National Tour | 2021